About LMS (Learning Management system)

This Learning Management system helps you prepare for your course completion. Also it has all the necessary information to take you through certification and beyond. We have various quizzes and study material in different courses, which you can browse through.

How to use LMS

Step 1: Go to  https://iibs.gnomio.com and login for it as shown below in Fig 1:

Step 2 : By clicking on login it will show the next window as shown below in the Fig 2

Step 3: Enter User ID and Password provided by IIBS Team

Once you login, system will prompt you to change your password ( Fig 3), once done click on continue (Fig 4)

Step 4: After login to LMS, it will show the next web page as shown below in Fig 5:

Step 5: Click on MC**** Course and below screen will appear as shown in Fig 6:


All Quiz password is “success”

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