SAP Analytics Cloud Certification

SAP Analytics Cloud Certification

The demand for analytics and data visualization is increasing everyday and organizations are looking for qualified people to help them in fulfilling their reporting and analytics needs. Many fortune companies using SAP are trying to leverage the feature available in industry leading SAP Analytics Cloud.

The course is designed to equip with the knowledge, skills and techniques required to deliver the most effective reports, dashboard, predictive analytics and insights to leaders to drive actions. This course will prepare you with the knowledge in data data preparation, selecting the right data visualization, predictive analytics concepts, Smart Assist, Smart Discovery, Application designer, collaboration and basic security. You will also learn to use the Smart Predict automated analytics capabilities to build and implement classification, regression and time series models and Understand the fundamentals of R Visualization in SAC.

Course Content:

UNIT-1: Analytics Cloud Architecture Overview

  • SAC vs other BI tools
  • Benefits and core functionalities of SAC
  • Cloud vs On-Premise vs Hybrid
  • Analytics Cloud Client tools and Importance

UNIT-2: Modelling

  • What is MODEL
  • Components of MODEL
  • Working with Dimension and Classification
  • Configuring Geo-Dimension
  • Working with Measures
  • Working with Transformations
  • Working with Variables
  • Data Blending

UNIT-3: Business Intelligence Designing SAC Stories

  • Working with Custom Templates
  • Working with Standard Templates
  • Working with Canvas-Responsive and Grid modes
  • Working with Designer (Builder panel, Styling Panel)
  • Filters in SAC
  • Query level filters
  • Story level filters
  • Page-level filters
  • Widget level filters
  • Advanced Filters
  • Linked Analysis
  • Hyperlinking
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Customizing Measures
  • Customizing Dimensions
  • Data blending
  • Working with Chart widget
  • Working with a Table widget
  • Working with Geo Map widget
  • R language basics
  • Generating R based Stories
  • Import data connection from Google drive

UNIT-4 Augmented Analytics

  • What is Augmented Analytics
  • Smart Search
  • Smart Discovery
  • Smart Insights

UNIT-5: Analytics Designer

  • What is Analytics Designer
  • Difference between SAC Stories vs Analytics Designer
  • Analytics Designer overview and walkthrough
  • Outline, Designer, Error, and reference panels
  • Design mode vs Run mode vs View mode
  • Designing basic Analytic application
  • Working with Container widgets
  • Implementing filters
  • Working with Drop-down, Radio button, Checkbox components
  • Working with script variables working with script objects
  • Configuring and implementing Dynamic Visibility
  • Implementing Hyperlinking and Explorer option
  • Using APIs to integration with Smart discovery, smart insights
  • Embedding the webpages inside the Analytic designer
  • Embedding SAC app inside other webpages

UNIT-6: Predictive Scenario

  • Predictive scenario overview
  • SAC Stories vs SAC Applications vs SAC Predictive
  • Working with Datasets, Variables
  • Understand Regression
  • Understand Logistic Regression, RoC Curves, AUC Curve
  • Model performance and Confusion Matrix
  • Profit Simulation for Classification
  • Implementing Classification Precative Model
  • Implementing Regression Predictive Model
  • Residual and MAPE Concept in Regression
  • Trend, Cycle, Residual and Variations concepts
  • Implementing a Time series Predictive Model
  • Generating predictive stories

UNIT-7: Administration

  • SAC Administration Overview
  • Roles (Standard vs Custom)
  • Team
  • Users
  • Working with data loading and scheduling
  • Cloud connector
  • Analytics Cloud Agent

Unit-8: Planning

  • Introduction to SAP Planning
  • SAC Roadmap and Certification

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