IS Retail

IS Retail

SAP IS Retail is an industry-specific application software from the software vendor SAP AG and is focused on the global Retailing industry. SAP IS Retails is a set of solutions which supports merchandise management and planning, demand management, supply chain, base finance and HR functions.

With SAP IS Retails, you can better understand your business and business needs. With the help of this application you can inspire your customers, shareholders and employees by delivering positive results.

During this course student will learn about the most important function for planning, purchasing and merchandise distribution from business perspective and the associated customizing options. Individual will be able to recognize, maintain and configure master data specific to SAP for retail.

1. SAPIRT – Function Overview in SAP for Retail

To recognize Business Scenarios from the Retail Solution Map and be able to use various functions in SAP for Retail.


  • Retail Solution Map and its Business Scenarios
  • Execution of a retail-specific key process in SAP for Retail: Promotion planning for stores and subsequent logistics processing and merchandise distribution from suppliers to stores over the distribution center
  • Organizational data and master data in SAP for Retail
  • Strategic planning, merchandise and store planning, assortment planning open-to-buy, operative assortment planning and controlling, slowseller management
  • Purchasing: Procurement of seasonal goods and basic articles, purchase order manager workbench, open-to-buy check
  • Logistics: Inventory management, picking, merchandise distribution
  • Multi-channel retailing: SAP Retail Store and other functions for store

2. IRT310 – Master Data in SAP for Retail


To be able to recognize, maintain and configure master data specific to SAP for Retail. Participants will recognize the advantages of the template concept and know how to implement it.

Overview of organizational structures

  • Maintenance and configuration of vendor and customer master data
  • Control options for maintaining sites
  • The meaning of the merchandise category and merchandise category hierarchy
  • Creating a single article
  • Features of generic articles, sets, prepacks and displays
  • Processes in connection with a store opening



To be able to understand and learn the most important functions for planning, purchasing and merchandise distribution from a business perspective and the associated Customizing options.

Requirements planning:

  • Methods and configuration for the Retail industry
  • SAP Forecasting and Replenishment
  • introduction to material valuation
  • valuation & account assignment


  • Outline agreements
  • Configuring purchase orders
  • Order optimization
  • Release procedure
  • Message determination
  • Scheduling
  • Seasonal procurement

Merchandise distribution:

  • Allocation tables and distribution processing
  • Material price changes
  • Split valuation
  • Invoice verification
  • Handling taxes, cash discounts and foreign currency,
  • Invoice variance and blocking reasons
  • Invoice reduction, invoice acceptance and invoice tolerances,
  • Invoices for delivery costs,
  • Credit memos and credit reversals
  • Buyer initiated payments (evaluated receipts settlement)  and invoicing plans,
  • Releasing blocked invoices
  • Goods receipts, invoice receipts and account maintenance
  • Customising for invoice verification
  • Invoice release procedure
  • Goods receipts
  • Subcontracting
  • Physical inventory management
  • Inventory sampling.

4. IRT320 – Pricing, Promotions & Markdowns


To be able to understand and learn how customizing settings interact and how they are used in SAP Retail for price determination (condition technique), pricing and subsequent billing. Participants will also plan markdowns (in SAP Merchandise and Assortment Planning and SAP Retail) and become familiar with important Price Planning Workbench functions.


  • Conditions in purchasing
  • Pricing
  • Creating and configuring a retail promotion
  • Inventory management and evaluation

Condition technique overview

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