IS Banking

IS Banking

SAP IS Banking is a high value program that immediately addresses key business issues critical to organizations active in the banking industry. SAP Banking Solutions Comprehensive Functionality is designed to meet every single aspect of Transactional Banking and Analytical Banking.

With the help of this application you can be sure that your accounting and financial reporting activities remain transparent and comply with applicable international regulations. More than 100 Financial Institutions across the globe Choose SAP Banking Functionality to streamline its Processes and gain considerable lead over their competitors. SAP Banking Solution enables you to increase efficiency while at the same time allowing you to further differentiate you from your competitors.

During this SAP training at Innovations in Business Solutions ,Participant will learn about the Banking industry. Will be familiarizing with the basic knowledge of SOA and the idea of Banking Services. Main business processes supported by SAP Banking Services: customer management, current accounts, loans and cards management, payment processes etc.

  • Overview of SAP Banking Services and its main components
  • Maintenance of customer data and opening a new current account
  • Introduction to the product and pricing management concept.
  • Presentation of the key features in the area of payment processing and operations
  • Explanation of the processing of requests concerning changes in the contracts
  • Overview of the Loans Management functionality
  • Overview, the basic functions and the approach of the collateral management
  • Card Management functionality overview
  • Master Contract Management and specification of various options those are available for customers to support their liquidity management processes.
  • Overview of the discounting functionality: introduction to Bundle pricing, calculations of the discounts and rebates over number of accounts.
  • The general principle of the end of day processing, including the error handling and general ledger transfer.
  • Overview of new functions of platform and ESOA(Enterprise Service Oriented Architecture)
  • Basic principles: Discussion of account structures, payment orders and items, incoming payment principle, due date process and condition model
  • Getting started: Introduction to Financial Services Business Partner, product configurator and reflection of a bank’s structure
  • New Business: Creation of a contract, managing insurance policies, disbursement and rescission
  • Position management: Billing and invoicing, settlement, direct debit, incoming payments, payment post processing, business operations
  • The general principle of the end of day processing, including the error handling and general ledger transfer.
  • Overview of the reporting concept – SAP BI.
  • Introduction of country specific functionalities:
    • US: Overdraft Protection, PDM, Dormancy & Escheat, Checks Processing
    • China: interest calculation, withdrawal with settlement, etc

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