Both large-scale projects, such as building a factory, and small-scale projects, such as organizing a trade fair, require precise planning of the many detailed activities involved.

The SAP Project System module provides the users the capability to set up, manage and evaluate large complex projects. This SAP(PS) module optimizes the business processes from project planning through to carrying out the project and enables a project progress analysis. While the financial costing projects system focuses on costs, the manufacturing project system is used for planning and monitoring dates and resources.

SAP Project System guarantees close and constant monitoring of all aspects of the project and has constant access to data in all the departments involved in the project.

The Project System has no organizational structures of its own; you incorporate it into the existing structure by making assignments to the organizational units in Accounting and Logistics. It enables the Project System to present data clearly and in many different ways.-Project definition (default value for matching WBS elements)-WBS element-Network header-Network activity

With our Project System you can easily and quickly set up your project and create and manage work processes, tasks, events.

Course Contents:

Competency Topic
Build, implement, configure, model, and troubleshoot solutions Project Structures (Work Breakdown Structure, Network and activities, Milestones)
Project Builder
Project Planning Board
Project simulation
Standard work breakdown structure, standard network
Cost planning
Network costing
Assigning orders
Articulate, explain, describe, and outline solutions Time scheduling & scheduling (Resources, Work center, Capacity planning and capacity evaluation, Workforce planning to HR resource,…)
Material (Work breakdown structure BOM,BOM PS Interface, Component assignment in the network, Material procurement,…)
Revenue and Payments (Revenue and payment planning in the project, Sales pricing and quotation creation, Resource-related billing, …)
Period-End closing (Template allocation, Application of overhead, Interest calculation, Progress analysis and Progress Analysis Workbench,…)
External service and service activities
Organizational units in SAP ERP
Info systems in project management
Field selection
Open PS

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