Efficient plant maintenance is vital to a company’s ability to optimize and harmonize its production processes. SAP Plant Maintenance comprises the activities associated with planning and performance repairs and preventative maintenance like, to measures and establish the actual condition of a technical system, to maintain the ideal condition of a technical system, repair to measures and restore the ideal condition of a technical system Completion and cost reports can be generated as well.

SAP PM is closely integrated with other modules (for example, Materials Management, Production, Sales and Distribution, Personnel Management, and Controlling). As SAP is a real time system. Individual look at current data and not historical data so that the data is always kept current and processes that are necessary for Plant Maintenance and Customer Service are automatically triggered in other areas (for example, a purchase requisition for non-stock material in the Materials Management/Purchasing area).

Student, will learn about the Controlling Functions in Plant Maintenance, Maintenance Processing, Organizational Units and Master Data in Plant Maintenance, Preventive Maintenance.


  1. Please note that VPN is used for SAP Server Connectivity. This VPN has been tested on Apple and Windows OS (Operating Systems). Innovations in Business Solutions will help you to troubleshoot but Innovations in Business Solutions does not guarantee to fix all of your computer problems. Your virus protection, your computer internal policies need to be changed by you.
  2.  Apple computers and Operating System generally works but Innovations in Business Solutions support mainly Windows Operating Systems. Please note Windows XP generally works but is no longer in the supported platform

Course Contents:

Competency Topic
Controlling Functions in Plant Maintenance Cost Estimation
Logistics Information System (LIS)
Order Settlement
Planned/Actual Cost Determination
Plant Maintenance in the Organizational Structures of Accounting
Plant Maintenance Information System (PMIS)
Maintenance Processing Capacity Planning
Corrective Maintenance
Processing External Services
Processing Refurbishment Tasks
Organizational Units & Master Data in Plant Maintenance Bills of Material (BOM)
Functional Locations
Material and Serial Numbers
Organizational Units
Preventive Maintenance Maintenance Planning with Multi-Counter Plans
Performance-Based Maintenance Planning
Single Cycle Plan
Strategy Plan
Task List Management

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