In today’s competitive business world, employment retention reaches far beyond the recruitment process. SAP introduce the HR module. It is a global Human Resource Management Systems solution, with HR, payroll and time management capability including standard language, currency and regulatory requirements for more than 30 countries.

The course will also help you understand basic my SAP HR concepts and terminology as they relate to Payroll, Personnel Time Management, and Organizational Management, reporting, ESS, MSS, authorizations, info types, transactions and tables.

SAP HR enables companies to effectively manage information about employees. SAP HR course, you will learn how to configure master data effectively — so you can rely on consistent, predictable access to records. In addition to that you will learn how to manage payroll, recruit and retain key employees, define roles and access rights and leverage analytics and reporting tools. The sub modules like Personnel Administration helps employers track master data, salary, work schedule training likewise Personnel Development sub module will concentrate on employee’s qualification, skills and career plans. Eventually, Payroll and time management sub modules process attendance and absences, gross salary and tax calculations and payments to employees

The SAP HR system caters to every possible business solution that an enterprise asks for and is very much recommended ERP for Large Multinational concerns as well as medium sized enterprises.


  1. Please note that VPN is used for SAP Server Connectivity. This VPN has been tested on Apple and Windows OS (Operating Systems). Innovations in Business Solutions will help you to troubleshoot but  Innovations in Business Solutions does not guarantee to fix all of your computer problems. Your virus protection, your computer internal policies need to be changed by you.
  2. Apple computers and Operating System generally works but Innovations in Business Solutions support mainly Windows Operating Systems. Please note Windows XP generally works but is no longer in the supported platform.

Course Contents:

Experiences from Implementation Projects
Integration and Dependencies
Setting up Structures
Human Resources Management: Basics
Employee Self-Service and Manager Self-Service (ESS / MSS)
Enterprise Compensation Management and Personnel Cost Planning
Navigation and Structures in HCM
Organizational Management
Personnel Administration
Personnel Development and Training and Event Management
Time Management
Master Data
Customizing of Master Data Infotypes
Default Values
Dynamic Actions
Enterprise Structure
Infotype Control
Management of Global Employees
Organizational Structure
Personnel Actions
Project Management
Remuneration Structure
Wage Type Structure
Organizational Management
Concepts of Organizational Management
Evaluations and Reporting
Expert Mode
Integration Points
Organization and Staffing Interface
Manager’s Desktop and Manager Self Service
Absence Valuation
Basics of Payroll
Cumulation Wage Type
Payroll Process and Preconditions
Personnel Calculation Rule
Processing of Averages
Retroactive Accounting
Time Wage Type Selection
Wage Type Valuation
Ad Hoc Query
HCM in BW and SEM
Information Systems
Logical Databases and InfoSets
Methods of Reporting in HCM
Payroll and Time Management Infotypes
SAP Query
SAP – Overview
Management Empowered by mySAP ERP
Management Empowered by mySAP ERP HCM
SAP Navigation
Solution Manager
Solution Manager Overview
Time Management
Absence and Attendance Counting
Attendance and Absence Quotas
Cost Assignment and Activity Allocation
Time Data Recording and Management
Time Management Groupings
Time Management Overview
Work Center Time Management (TMW)
Work Schedules and Part-Time Workers

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