14. What is the role of an administrator in PA?




1. What is an Organizational Management?

Organizational Management is a plan and reporting structure of a company. OM is helpful to depict the organizational plan and reporting structures of a company, whereas organizational plan is a blue print. The relationship in OM is two way i.e. Top to Bottom and Bottom to Top.
2. What is IT 41 used for? How to default IT 41?

Date Specifications (Info type 0041).  The following information is recorded in the Date Specifications info type (0041). The Date type specifies the type of information.  A concrete Date type (specified by the user) is used in a series of reports, for example to evaluate an entry date that cannot be derived from the organizational assignment history but which is stored in the Date Specifications info type (0041).   This info type can be used in payroll as well as for the leave program.  The standard system contains twelve combinations of Date type and Date. If the requirement is more than twelve date specifications for an employee at the same time, then the time constraint 3 is used.

3. What are the Roles And Responsibilities Of Sap Hr Consultants?

  • 1)Legacy Process Understanding.
  • 2)Identifying the Gaps and Solution Design GAP analysis & Solution Design
  • 3) Requirement Gathering
  • 4) Business blue print Preparation
  • 5)Writing functional specifications
  • 6)Configuration & customization
  • 7) Testing
  • 8) End user manual preparation and End user training
  • 9)Go live cut over activities
  • 10)Post Go live Support

4. What are the Importance of Info types in SAP HR ?

  • Info types are used  to store all relevant Hr data of employees in an organization.
  • It is represented by a  ‘4’ digit number.Eg:0000,2001,1002 etc.
  • Info type is a collection of logical or business related characteristics of   an object. Info types are also called information types to enter rational related information for an employee. For e.g.  Personnel data (0002) info type  have fields like title, first name, middle , last name, birth date, language etc.

5. What are the Important info types in SAP Personnel Administration?

Important Personnel Administration Info types are
0000     Actions
0001     Organizational Assignment
0002     Personal Data
0003     Payroll Status
0005     Leave Entitlement
0006     Addresses
0007     Planned Working Time
0008     Basic Pay
0009     Bank Details
0007     Planned Working Time
0008     Basic Pay
0009     Bank Details0014     Recur. Payments/Deds.
0015     Additional Payments

6. What are the Important T Codes in SAP Personnel Administration?

  • PA10 – Personnel file
  • PA20 – Display HR Master Data
  • PA30 – Maintain HR Master Data
  • PA40 – Personnel Action
  • PA41 – Change Hiring Data
  • PA42 – Fast Data Entry for Events
  • PRMD – Maintain HR Master Data

7. What are the different type of Wage Types? What are the characteristics of wages?

Types of wage types

  • 1) Primary wage type
  • 2) Secondary/Technical wage type
  • 3)Customer specific wage type

Wage type characteristics:

  • 1) Amount
  • 2) Number
  • 3)Rate

8. What is time management status?

Time Management status is the link between time management and payroll .The feature for  time management status is  TMSTA.

Time Management status  field is available in info type 0007 .

Values for the Time Management status are

  • 0 – No time evaluation
  • 1 – Time evaluation of actual times
  • 2 – PDC time evaluation
  • 7 – Time evaluation without payroll integration
  • 8 – External services
  • 9 – Time evaluation of planned times

9. Structures in SAP Human Resources/HCM

There are three types of Human Resource structure

  • 1. Enterprise Structure
  • 2. Personnel Structure
  • 3.Organizational Structure

10. Reports in PA & OM Integration/Integration tools

  • 1. RHINTE00 – To transfer data from PA to OM
  • 2. RHINTE10 – To transfer OM data to PA tables
  • 3. RHINTE20  – To determine whether the data relevant for integration is available in both PA and OM
  • 4. RHINTE30 -To update IT0001 (org assignment)

11. What is the difference between a job and a position?

Job is not concrete, it is is generic.(Eg: Manager, Assistant Manager, Consultant).

Positions are related to persons .Position is concrete and specific which are occupied by Persons. (Eg: Manager –Finance , Consultant – SAP HR).

12. What is an evaluation path?

An evaluation path describes a chain of relationships that exists between individual organizational objects in the organizational plan.

You can maintain evaluation paths on img -> Personnel Management ->Organization Management-> Basic Settings-> Maintain Evaluation Paths .

13. What are the three administrators ?
The three administrators are :

  • 1.Personnel Administrator
  • 2.Payroll Administrator
  • 3.Time Administrator

14. What is the role of an administrator in PA?

The role of an administrator is to restrict access to Personnel administration based on PA/PSA. Administrator can come across for Personnel administration, Time management, and Payroll in sap. Each administrator is responsible for each individual activity. We can get the name of the administrator in the pay slip so the employee for any clarification we can meet the responsible administrator (accessed through payslip).



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