Second Career Program – Funded By The Government

Second Career Program-Funded By The Government

A private career college is an independent institution that prepares students for a specific job, or gives them specific skills. The act that governs private career colleges is called the Private Career Colleges Act.

Innovations in Business Solutions Inc.  Mississauga Campus is “Registered as a private career college under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005″. We help candidates who need specific job skills to join the work force and those who are having academic qualifications and want to add to their practical skills to become more competitive in the job market.

We deal with the small groups of students rather than large classes, and we offer:

Flexible learning schedules and Enrolment at many different times during the year. Our instructors are highly qualified and fully trained. They help you out to pursue you career in a right way.

How to be eligible for Second Career?

Who is fit for Second Career Funding?

If you were laid off after 2004, you may be eligible for skills training in demand occupations in Ontario – even if you’ve received Employment Insurance (EI). Eligible training helps Second Career participants move up to better jobs than they could get without the training. This is a very specific government program, so some of these conditions need to be defined.

Register for Second Career Information Session

Second Career information session in Innovations in Business Solutions will cover topics like second career eligibility, meeting second career admissions requirements, and second career application procedures.


Who is “Laid-Off Worker”?

  • is still unemployed;
  • has taken any interim jobs to make ends meets but is currently unemployed;
  • has taken any interim jobs to make ends meets and is still in that job;
  • is on salary continuance (an alternative to pay in lieu of notice or severance. The employees receive their regular salary for a designated period and they may receive some or all of their benefits as well);
  • is on severance (a lump sum paid to an employee upon termination).

What is “Interim Jobs to make ends meet"?

An “interim job to make ends meet” must have a lower wage and/or a lower skill level compared to the original. These jobs may be full-time, part-time, seasonal, or contract work.

What is “Demand Occupation"?

“Demand occupation” means there is a demonstrated need in Ontario. You’ll need to provide labour market information, but not necessarily job postings, with your application.

What is “Better Jobs"?

A “better job" must be at a higher wage or higher skill level or offer more opportunity for the future.

If you received Employment Insurance (EI)

IF you accepted EI, you may qualify for:

  • between six months and two years of skills training for National Occupational Classification (NOC) skill level B and equivalent occupations in demand in Ontario
  • up to one year of academic upgrading where necessary as a prerequisite for skills training.

If you are not eligible for Employment  Insurance (EI)

Non-EI-eligible individuals may qualify for:

  • up to two years of skills training for either NOC skill level B or NOC skill level C occupations and equivalent in demand in Ontario
  • up to one year of academic upgrading where necessary as a prerequisite for skills training.

More information about Second Career

Please visit the Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) website.

You can also contact your local Employment Ontario office for confirmation of your eligibility for financial assistance under the Second Career program.

Looking to retrain for a new career?

Second Career is an Ontario government cost-sharing grant that helps laid-off and underemployed individuals retrain for jobs in growing fields. Qualified applicants can receive financial help with tuition, books and supplies, transportation and living expenses associated with their education.

Check out our step by step guide below to learn more about eligibility and application steps.

Step 1 – Start Early

This process can take several months to complete, so please start early as our programs fill up quickly. Start by visiting your local employment assessment center to be assessed as Second Career eligible and to develop a Return to Work Action Plan. PLEASE VISIT

Step 2 – Explore the Programs

Explore Innovations in Business Solutions programs and check to see which ones are still open for application. When researching programs, the following MLTSD guidelines should be considered:

  • Prospective programs should be no more than two years in length and should lead to a specified career path
  • One year of academic upgrading may be considered (if required)

Step 3 – Attend information session

If you have questions, you can attend a Second Career information session and have all your questions answered by a Innovations in Business


Eligible candidates can apply for skill upgrade programs – Funded By the Government!!

To Explore more about the programs, book an appointment: contact # 905-268-0958

SECOND CAREER ADVISING SERVICES AT Innovations in Business Solutions

Our Second Career information sessions are designed to provide you with all the information that you’ll need to apply to Innovations in Business Solutions.

. You may direct any further inquiries to Innovations in Business Solutions  Entry Advising Services, a comprehensive service committed to helping you achieve your skills-training goals.

Any one of our friendly advisors would be delighted to welcome you to the College, answer questions related to your training research and guide you through our application process for Second Career clients.

We offer information and advice on our Second Career programs and pathways, admission requirements, academic upgrading, language training, and applicant supports, as well as referrals to foreign credential assessment and recognition services, career advising services, and community resources.

Are you currently researching careers pathways? Check out the Ministry of Colleges and Universities’ labour market survey results.

Second Career Advising Telephone Inquiries:

Second Career Hotline: 905-268-0958

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