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SAP End User Training 

Innovations in Business Solutions Inc. (IIBS) specialize in the provision of SAP end-user educational services in Canada, USA, UK, Middle-East and South Asia.
We provide services to cater for the full education lifecycle, which enables the customer to obtain maximum return on their investment in SAP systems. Our training consultants develop training materials using traditional training documentation. The training services we provide to our clients can range from a short training course delivered onsite by one of our specialist trainers to performing all training activities on large global roll-out of SAP.
Services Include:

1. Training Needs Analysis 

Training Analysis
  • We carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA) to determine the most suitable and sustainable training solution for your SAP system users.
  • Re-visit and rejuvenate training solutions in mature SAP sites where training strategies and training materials may have become out-dated or obsolete.
Our proven end user training methodology ensures that:
  • End user training incorporates customized role-based SAP training courses integrated with Business Process training.
  • Our training is also focused on ensuring that end users have a good understanding of the integrated features of SAP.

Training Project Management

The success of any SAP training assignment is dependent on
  • The development of training strategies appropriate to the organizational structure, culture and geography of the enterprise in conjunction with effective change management activities to ensure the goals of the training delivery are achieved.
  • Our project management methodology ensures that end user training strategies are integrated with change management to ensure the application is understood and accepted by the end-user community.

2. Development of Training and Support Material

Training Materials Development 

Our experienced SAP consultants are available to assist in the development of SAP training and end-user support materials. Examples of training materials we recommend include:
  • Business process concept slides
  • Course outlines
  • Instructor guides
  • Demo and exercise documentation
  • Transaction guides
  • Simulated transaction lessons
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Glossary of terms

Development of Business Procedures

Our SAP consultants can assist in creating Business Process Procedures to ensure business documentation is available for SAP training, support and to satisfy auditing requirements.

3. Training Delivery & Support Services 

Train the Trainer: 

Our Train the Trainer program is an essential part of our overall training strategy to ensure that in-house trainers are equipped with the necessary skills to prepare, deliver and evaluate SAP training. We regularly deliver a Train the Trainer course which is specifically focused on the needs of SAP trainers and can be customized to suit each company’s specific trainer requirements. This course is delivered by our highly qualified SAP trainers who have the experience and know-how to focus on the key training skills required to be an effective SAP trainer.

Training Delivery: 

Our consultants determine a training delivery method which best suits our customer’s training needs. The following are some of the training delivery options which we have recommended and used on our SAP training assignments.
  • Classroom Based Training using simulation tools
  • Coaching for small groups of users and executives
  • Model Office – Useful to monitor and ensure core users of the system have reached required level to operate the system
  • Distance Training using audio-conferencing functionality – this option is suitable when there is a wide geographical spread of non-core users requiring training
See our course catalogue below for standard SAP courses we can immediately schedule on-site for your end-users.

End User Training Course Catalogue:

  • SAP Overview/Navigation
  • SAP Navigation
  • HR Enquiry
  • Ad Hoc Query
  • SAP Query
  • SAP Purchasing and Inventory Management
  • Other SAP Training Courses available upon demand

Training Support

IIBS use various methods of support to ensure that the end user community is adequately supported using the SAP system. These may include the following:
  • Sandbox client
  • Walk the Floor Support
  • Coaching on advanced system topics

Training Program Evaluation & Account Management 

The following are examples of the key tools IIBS use to evaluate training assignments during and at the conclusion of a training program:
Course Evaluations It is important that each end-user completes a course evaluation at the end of a course, which determines the effectiveness of the delivery of the course and the quality of the course material.
Training Feedback/Review We provide regular feedback to our client regarding the training assignment. The training records and evaluations form the basis for regular reporting and review meetings. We set up a schedule of review meetings on commencement of any assignment.
Quality Control and Assurance IIBS is committed to delivering a quality service and has systems and procedures in place to ensure that a high quality service is maintained. As part of the day-to-day project work we also ensure our training team work to the highest standard and extend/ introduce new quality control procedures wherever required to ensure this goal is met.
IIBS has a highly experienced training team who offer expertise in all aspects of the training program and who ensure that a successful training solution is implemented. All members of the training team will have SAP project implementation experience in addition to SAP training delivery expertise.
You may send your requirement on to request for a quote for customized training program.

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