Business Analysis

Business Analysis is about understanding business requirements so that solutions developed will meet business needs. A Business Analyst (BA) gathers requirements and documents them textually or within models. An organization, any organization, is a collection of processes. Process mapping is a simple, yet powerful, method of looking beyond functional activities and rediscovering your core processes. Managing these processes is crucial to the success of your organization.
Learn Business Analysis skills to masterfully manage projects and forecast business outcomes. These courses created by the IIBS provide top notch business analysis training to current business analysts and individuals looking to get into this field or add business analysis skills to their resumes.

CBAP Certification and Preparation

Are you ready to truly set yourself apart as a leader in the BA field and strengthen your organization by becoming a Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)?
By offering the industry’s best CBAP Certification Preparation, IIBS provides the training necessary to ensure you and your organization receive the full benefits of certification including:
  • Advanced career path within the IT industry and business community
  • Increased confidence by employers when hiring business analysts
  • Demonstration of a professional level of business analysis capability in principle and practice
  • Recognition of professional competence by professional peers and management

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