Corporate Training


If you are considering training opportunities for your organization staff, consider Innovations in Business Solutions Inc. (IIBS) as your corporate training partner. Let our expertise and experience guide you. We partner with you to identify the learning needs of your organization. We identify the knowledge your staff needs to effectively overcome challenges they face in getting leverage from SAP implementation.Our instructors are experts in their fields. Together, they can provide you with proven course content and expert delivery that meets your organization’s training needs. We get you the best return on your corporate training investment.

Benefits for your organization and employees…

  • Enhanced performance and productivity
  • Reduced down time and error rate

We provide

  • Customization of courses and workshops to meet your strategic initiatives
  • Follow-up sessions to enhance the transfer of learning
  • Delivery of courses and seminars at times and locations that work for you
  • Experienced and knowledgeable facilitators who are experts in their fields

Our Corporate Training Portfolio offers
Training Need and Gap Analysis
As part of our training services we conduct training analysis and assessment services to identify the skill gaps by administering surveys, interviews and advise you on the most appropriate training solution.

Training SAP Support Specialist
IIBS’ training professionals can assess the skills set of your in-house SAP specialist and design and deliver training workshops to increase in-house skill set capabilities and reduce the time to implement new add-on technology, support issues and familiarize your SAP specialist with new product suite from SAP.

Management Workshops
IIBS’ Management level workshops focus on Business Intelligence and GRC products of SAP. The new dimension products of SAP will enhance your skills in operating a cost-effective, productive, and profitable SAP system which is in compliance with government regulations. We bring you the knowledge and techniques to bring and help you leverage your organization towards sustained profitability and good corporate citizenship.

End-user Training
Designed for your new end-users and refresher/update training for existing users, our workshops will develop your employee’s effectiveness in using the SAP system to increase efficiency and optimize the use of the system for corporate benefit.
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Project and End user Documentation
We provide end-to-end project documentation services and end user documentation to facilitate ease of use and creation of document repository for version control and change management.