Material management(MM)


Purchasing is a component of the SAP Materials Management (MM) Module. The MM Module automates and integrates the entire range of tasks associated with materials management processes. This module mainly deals with Procurement Process, Inventory Management, Valuation of Material & Account Determination, Material Requirement Planning, goods receiving, Invoice and the final payment to vendor using the invoice verification feature
etc. This module has two important master data – Material and Vendor.

Broadly, the various levels that can be defined for a SAP MM implementation are: Client, Company Code, Plant, Storage Location and Purchase Organization. It can be divided into five major components: Materials Management, Plant Maintenance, Quality Management, Production Planning and Control, and a Project Management system. Each is divided into number of subcomponents. It also includes Inventory and Warehouse Management to manage stock until usage dictates and the cycle begins again. Electronic Kanban/ Just-in-Time delivery is supported.

During this program, participants will learn about, customizing settings for purchasing, inventory management, physical inventory, account determination, and organizational levels and how to create material reservations manually. In addition to that individual will learn about the Planning and performing a physical inventory.


  1. Please note that VPN is used for SAP Server Connectivity. This VPN has been tested on Apple and Windows OS (Operating Systems). IIBS will help you to troubleshoot but IIBS does not guarantee to fix all of your computer problems. Your virus protection, your computer internal policies need to be changed by you.
  2. Apple computers and Operating System generally works but IIBS support mainly Windows Operating Systems. Please note Windows XP generally works but is no longer in the supported platform.

Course Contents:

Competency Topic
SAP – Overview SAP navigation
Management Empowered by SAP ERP
Procurement Process Purchase requisitions
Purchase orders
Requests for quotations
Procurement for stock
Procurement for direct consumption
External services
Master Data Material master
Vendor master
Purchasing info records
Source list
Quota arrangement
Purchasing Optimization Contracts
Scheduling agreements
Invoicing plans
Document release procedure
Purchasing document configuration
Inventory Management Goods receipts
Goods issues
Stock transfers
Physical inventory
Availability check
Transaction types
Valuation & Account Determination Material valuation
Price control
Account determination
Material Requirements Planning Reorder point planning
Lot-size calculation
Planning run
Planning result
Logistics Invoice Verification Invoices
Credit memos
Automatic settlement
Invoice verification in the background
Freight invoices
Blocked invoices
GR/IR clearing account maintenance
Configuration of the Enterprise Structure and the Material Master MM organizational levels
Material type
Field selection
Solution Manager Overview of the Solution Manager
Experience from Implementation (Case Study or Project) Integration and dependencies
Design of enterprise structures


To Know about SAP MM certification and FAQ please visit the below link

White paper


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