Join free online webinar on SAP Project Implementation (An End to End Project)

SAP Project Implementation (An End to End Project) 


Understand the lifecycle of a SAP project. Understand the terminology, different phases in the project, importance and activities of each phase from start of a project to deployment.

Venue: Online

Date: Saturday, November 4th, 2017

Time: 10.00 a.m. -11.00 a.m., EST


An introduction of how a SAP Life Cycle Project works

Expected Audience

Candidates who have completed at least one module – certified or uncertified

Testimonials from previous students

Sunil– I had a complete end to end project experience.

Syed Naqvi-I’ve completed SAP SD from IIBS. I got certified. I also participated in real life project course. The experience I got was useful for pursuing my career in SAP.

How to fill up the Webinar request form:

If you are interested to join our webinar please click on the below link to fill up the form:

This webinar is organized by IIBS (SAP and IT Training Provider). Visit us at

For more information, you can also call us on 905 268 0958


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