Practical Challenges in Managing SAP Change

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SAP professionals face challenges every day. How responds are given to a challenge can often have a profound effect on the organization’s bottom line. Some of the most fundamental and critical challenges are:

  • Protecting a vulnerable production system
    Mismanaging SAP change can result in damage to the production system that cannot quickly be undone.

System damage is easy to do and hard to undo.

  • Maintaining a sense of control
    When using manual systems, it can be difficult to gain a clear picture of who has approved each change, particularly when a lot of rework has occurred.

Accountability for individuals and service providers is difficult to deliver.

  • Preventing inadvertent parallel development
    Developers can easily find themselves changing the same object without realizing it.

Errors and inefficiencies are difficult to avoid.

  • Understanding the location of changes across the landscape
    It is hard to get a clear and accurate picture of the location of changes in a landscape.

The business loses sight of changes it has authorized.

  • Progressing change speedily
    Changes tend to move rather slowly through the developer > tester > production cycle.

Response to business needs can be too slow, losing important competitive advantage.

To achieve the target ROI while meeting expected service delivery levels, these challenges must all be addressed within an affordable framework of the projects. It is always advisable to address the challenge immediately as soon as it occurs so that it can be resolved without much delay.



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