SAP is one of the skills which you need to add to your resume to get hired in 2015

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Source: Workopolis

If you’re not a specialist such as an engineer, doctor or lawyer, the key to landing a good, well-paying job seems to be adding some basic digital skills to your resume

A recent study by the Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario found that ‘Computer Use’ was a required skill in 74% of all job postings on Workopolis and other Canadian job listing sources. While the exact phrase ‘computer use’ doesn’t necessarily turn up in job postings, references to using computers, common software programs, and other forms of technology combined appear in 74% of all job ads

Commonly required computer skills are also software such as SAP, which large companies use to manage information in finance and human resources, and more advanced digital capabilities including customer relationship management (CRM) software and higher-end computer networking skills.

Baseline skills in job postings

Customer Service
Organizational Skills
Computer skills
Problem Solving
Building Effective-Relationships

The most-commonly required computer skills:


Microsoft Excel
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint

Keeping up with the trends and technologies of how people communicate and share information is essential for career success. Once upon a time, reading and writing were considered the basic skills for most jobs. Digital literacy has become the new literacy.

Highlight your proficiency and accomplishments in creating spreadsheets, presentations and social media connections on your resume. You’ll stand out from all the candidates who don’t by showcasing some of the hottest, most in-demand skills right now.


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