SAP announces solution to help ease big data deployment

February 11th, 2015 by blogadmin Leave a reply »

AP has released a big data rapid deployment solution for HANA-based big data applications, can help speed up large-scale business information processing.
The deployment solution, which can be rolled out in the cloud, on premise or in hybrid environments, combines the SAP HANA in-memory compute platform, SAP Event Stream Processor, with the added option to include SAP IQ software and the Apache Hadoop library, and is being pitched at firms that depend on and need to analyse large volumes of streaming data (i.e. manufacturing plant machine-generated data, or social media / sentiment analysis).
The solution optimises information processing for a wide range of data types and scenarios, and provides users with an integrated platform for real-time analysis, aggregation and visualisation. This solution helps our customers make sense of their big data and provides preconfigured content and highly applicable big data use cases as templates to jump-start their big data implementations.


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