SAP Assists Police Leaders Improve Citizen Lives under the Urban Matters Initiative

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SAP has announced that under the SAP Urban Matters Initiative, it has recently opened a new UK facility where public safety officials will be able to refine policing approaches against a global backdrop of rapid urbanization and technological change. This initiative has been designed for improving the citizen lives by providing safer cities.

At the facility’s opening event, SAP along with UK’s Centre of Excellence in Terrorism, Resilience, Intelligence and Organized Crime Research at Sheffield Hallam University (CENTRIC), came together for providing interactive demonstrations of how technology can enhance police efforts in reducing crime rates, improving road safety, raising public confidence and at the same time stay within budget.

Citizens expectations of their interactions with government have risen over the years, and the police increasingly need to work towards providing a “customer-centric” experience to the citizens, whom they are  protecting and to collaborate with them in fighting crime.

As the Police works to meet these rising expectations, police officers often face hindrances from legal ICT systems which have not evolved in the manner that the public and criminal use of technology has evolved. This can force the police to move away from the public they serve, whereby hampering efforts at community policing.
SAP helps police agencies in using real-time, predictive analytics and business intelligence for targeting better criminality, improving performance and delivering value for money. Additionally, SAP also assists police agencies in simplifying their core processes, which include incident and investigation management, property and evidence tracking, intelligence analysis and operational resource management. As a result, SAP is able to support the police in providing citizens a better police protection at lower cost.

SAP has had longstanding relationships with police agencies all around the world. In Europe, customers are found in the UK, France, Netherlands, Spain, Germany and Italy; the U.S., Australia and Latin America are also strong markets for law enforcement solutions from SAP.

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