SAP Joins Hands with Co-Innovate Under the German Pilot Program to Connect Cars with Parking and Food Services

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SAP has entered a co-innovation pilot with Volkswagen AG and further partners who plan to use mobility-and cloud services from SAP in helping drivers locate parking and nearby food offers in Hannover, Germany. This pilot program is the result of a multi-year partnership and co-innovation investment by both companies, who have planned to drive standardization and common formats for consuming similar cloud-based services. The announcement was made at the 14th SAP Automotive Forum which is being currently held in Leipzig, Germany.

The pilot was launched initially with the focus on eliminating the frustrations and inefficiencies drivers have to face daily while searching for parking in cities, the pilot is however envisioned to further extend beyond parking services by including location based services (LBS) for quick service restaurants (QSR), offering drivers location based food offers once they have parked in a specific area. Built on SAP HANA® Cloud Platform, the pilot plans to accumulate information on parking locations, vehicles’ location and route. The pilot is also targeting to integrate data from the Hannover airport to resolve the challenges of airport parking. These processes and information are planned to be incorporated using the SAP® Cloud portfolio and to be presented in an app on the user’s mobile phone.

Under this pilot for the first time SAP and Volkswagen are delivering an end-to-end, scalable and replicable city-wide parking solution. The projected result is a cloud-based solution which will be hosted and offered by SAP that will enable drivers in finding the optimal parking, saving time, saving fuel and helping increase the vitality of urban settings. Volkswagen and SAP are aiming at jointly collaborating to drive standardization of the marketplace services and their adoption by the industry.



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