SAP, Toyota Info Technology Center and VeriFone to Provide Simplified Fueling Experience to the Drivers

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SAP AG has entered into a co-innovation project with Toyota InfoTechnology Center USA (Toyota ITC) and VeriFone which will be responsible for dramatically simplifying the drivers’ fueling experience. Presently drivers are required to deal with multiple systems for finding “the right” gas stations. When they arrive, drivers are required to authorize payment by swiping a card and punching in various identification codes, or pay the gas station attendant with cash. With the prototype, consumers will be able to use a one-touch, one-screen solution for navigation to the closest gas station, authorizing automatic payment electronically and receiving personalized coupons.

Built on SAP HANA Cloud Platform, the solution combines all information like vehicle’s location, route and fuel level as well as points of interest. VeriFone will look into providing point-of-sale (POS) solutions and Toyota ITC will provide telematics data. These processes and information are integrated using the SAP Cloud portfolio and presented on a screen on the Toyota ITC dashboard, allowing drivers to manage the entire transaction by just one click.

The App will work as follows: The driver will be notified when the vehicle is low in fuel. Then, leveraging the Toyota ITC telematics system, the vehicle will be able to recommend a gas station location based on real-time context like the location and the vehicle’s fuel level. It can also take into account a driver’s pre-entered personal preferences like a preferred gas station and which stations have opted in to the program. When the car arrives at the gas station and stops at the pump, the driver will be able to authorize the transaction with a single click from their car or app on a mobile device. Gas stations may also provide discounts, loyalty points and other coupons depending on the driver’s profile. Once fueling is completed, the driver will receive an electronic receipt. Drivers will be able to view all previous fueling transactions and easily export them to other systems, like an expense report.

The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), an emerging wireless standard that allows micro-location services. By combining BLE, SAP HANA Cloud Platform, Toyota ITC telematics system and VeriFone POS systems, the three companies have developed a consumer-centered connected car service.

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