SAP Announces Genomic Research Collaboration with Stanford School of Medicine

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SAP has announced a strategic collaboration with Stanford School of Medicine. The collaboration will aim at researching the contribution of genetics, environmental exposures, behavior and other factors to disease susceptibility using the power of the SAP HANA platform. The company has also announced that it will be participating in the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health, which is a council of industry leaders working toward accelerating global efforts to responsibly share and analyze large amounts of genomic and clinical data.
SAP’s collaboration with Stanford School of Medicine aims at achieving better understanding of global human genome variation and its implications in disease, particularly cardiovascular disease. The collaboration will be led by Carlos D. Bustamante, professor and director of the Stanford Center for Computational, Human and Evolutionary Genomics; Euan A. Ashley, associate professor of Medicine and Genetics; and Atul J. Butte, associate professor of Pediatrics and Genetics aims to advance genomics research in the clinical environment, eventually leading to improved healthcare and personalized medicine.
Researchers have already implemented SAP HANA to substantiate the results of a study which discovered that the genetic risk of Type II Diabetes varies between populations. They studied 12 genetic variants previously associated with Type II Diabetes across 49 individuals. With SAP HANA, researchers in Dr. Butte’s lab were able to simultaneously query all 125 genetic variants which were previously associated with Type II Diabetes across 629 individuals. Using traditional methods, this type of analysis would have taken an unreasonable amount of time.


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