Mobile Enterprise Simplified and Unified by SAP

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Mobile Enterprise Simplified and Unified by SAP
SAP AG has announced the general availability of their award-winning SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 to facilitate in simplifying and unifying the mobile enterprise. The latest version using a full-spectrum, open standards-based platform architecture and one common software development kit (SDK) offers unmatched flexibility, productivity and scalability for millions of developers creating beautiful user-centric employee, business and consumer mobile apps.
SAP Keeps the Light on For National Grid
The electricity and gas transmission network in the UK is owned and operated by the National Grid, which includes overhead lines, underground cables and pipes, substations and compressor stations. A number of best-in-class solutions from the SAP mobile solutions portfolio, like the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 which is the SAP Mobile Secure solution for mobile device and application management and the SAP Work Manager mobile app have been implemented to help its more than 1,500 National Grid field engineers to ensure that electricity and gas transmission is well maintained and uncompromised. The company has implemented National Grid’s latest mobile iOS solution, which integrates into its enterprise asset management (EAM) system, providing and capturing details of scheduled and non-scheduled work orders, along with running on a mobile timesheet solution.
Simple, Unifying Open SAP Mobile Platform
With the recent launch of one of the leading mobile application development platforms*, SAP has been able to completes the full unification of its historically proven mobile app development platform frameworks, whereby making it easier than ever for customers in building and deploying apps. It offers an open standards-based architecture which embraces a “bring-your-own-tools” (BYOT) strategy by integrating with third-party development tools. It uses Open Data (OData) Protocol APIs and the open-source Apache Cordova software making it extremely attractive for developers and significantly lowers TCO for the customer.
SAP Mobile Platform to Run Innovative and Powerful Apps
To capitalize on the end-user productivity through beautifully simple yet powerful consumer-friendly mobile apps, SAP customers are anticipating to soon be able to access existing and custom-built SAP Fiori apps through SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 using the SDK or the SAP Fiori Client mobile app. Other than that updated versions of SAP Work Manager, SAP Inventory Manager and SAP CRM Service Manager mobile apps are also being planned to be made available soon on the SAP Mobile Platform 3.0. Using the power of the new SAP Mobile Platform, SAP Work Manager 6.1 is projected to have added functionality, including geographic information system (GIS) and 3-D visualization, enterprise resource planning (ERP) customer service and crew management integration
A free trial of SAP Mobile Platform 3.0 has been made available on SAP Community Network in the developer center for SAP Mobile Platform. A free mobile development course is also available on the open SAP platform. To learn more, visit
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SAP Rapid Deployment Solutions Assists Customers for New Innovations in Cloud
As more and more businesses are seeking to implement or convert their present software solutions to pure cloud or hybrid cloud environments, SAP has announced its capabilities to innovate faster than ever before with their latest SAP Rapid Deployment solutions. SAP is responsible for simplifying deployments and helping customers in running new enterprise solutions and shift to the cloud with their best practices in an anticipated manner, whereby helping in minimizing business disruption when new solutions are put into implementation. SAP Rapid Deployment solutions will help in streamlining the implementation experience with accelerated time to value at low costs.
SAP Rapid Deployment solutions follows a comprehensively applicable approach for customers who wish to deploy across the cloud, on premise or in hybrid landscapes. The solutions offer best practices-based implementation content and risk-reducing methodologies which help in getting businesses up and running on solutions that are best suitable for their needs. Whether it is a single application or an entire platform, customers use a proven and guided approach for deploying new solutions or migrate their existing SAP solutions to the cloud. The assemble-to-order methodology will facilitate businesses in deploying multiple solutions in the cloud or on premise in a manner which supports business outcomes through a framework of proven guidelines, content, tools and methods. Rapid-deployment solutions will allow customers in exploring solutions in the cloud. For example, customers will be able to explore the new SAP user experience in the cloud, along with running business processes contained with best practices of the SAP ERP Foundation Extension package.
With thousands of rapid deployment solutions sold from a broad portfolio of offerings, SAP Rapid Deployment solutions can help customers in shifting to the cloud in days or weeks. Nearly 100 percent of cloud migration or deployments on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud service use rapid-deployment solutions as the standard for accelerating these projects.

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