SAP Offers 21st-Century Customer Service to Healthcare Industry

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SAP Offers 21st-Century Customer Service to Healthcare Industry

SAP Patient Relationship Management solution was launched by SAP as an offering specially designed for helping healthcare providers to compete for increasingly assertive, knowledgeable and price-sensitive patients. Technology-driven advances in customer service has been instrumental in transforming most industries, hence patients are now demanding the same control over their healthcare experience. Healthcare IT leaders have tried addressing multiple challenges in treatment and payment, but patients have not been able to enjoy the visibility and responsiveness which they have been seeing and experiencing in their growing relationships with retailers or financial institutions. SAP Patient Relationship Management aims at closing the healthcare service quality gap, by putting the patient at the center of individualized care and offering a treatment experience embedded with quality customer service.

A customer-centric culture is extremely important for healthcare providers who are seeking to protect and grow revenues in an increasingly competitive environment. Early the health care industry used to be immune from consumer pressures in all countries, regardless of the regulatory or delivery setting, but now they have to earn the business of consumers who move around and cross international borders to obtain the best value for money. Today, healthcare purchase decisions are similar to those seen in every other industry, and are mostly driven by cost alone. Treatment decisions are taken on basis of peer and network feedback on social media and on overall consumer experience, which is most evident in developments like the rise of medical tourism.

Designed specially, SAP Patient Relationship Management is an integrated offering, which combines the best-practice patient administration and billing functionality of the SAP Patient Management application along with the proven service functionality in the SAP Customer Relationship Management application. Using SAP Patient Relationship Management, healthcare providers will be able to maintain a holistic view of each patient for offering tailor made treatment decisions and offerings.

SAP Patient Relationship Management will help in streamlining the patient experience along the continuum of care and embedded analytics providing performance measurement. Healthcare providers will be able to track their performance and be guided by the solution, take the lead in patient relationships or with conditions where they have proven especially successful. Provider call center staff will enhance the patient experience through immediate response, personalized interaction and speedy resolution.

Additional benefits of SAP Patient Relationship Management include:

  • A one-stop online interaction center with mobile functionality for patients, as they expect in other consumer experiences
  • Optimized staff and resource utilization rates through insight into forecast demand and availability
  • Ongoing patient relationship management, creating better patient experiences that may yield new revenue opportunities as an additional benefit
  • Social media analyses that assist with the design and marketing of treatment offerings based on online trends

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