How to increase your chances in finding a new SAP contract job

June 21st, 2013 by blogadmin Leave a reply »

 Do a research in finding recruitment companies that specialize on SAP contract jobs, contact them and build a good relationship with their recruitment consultants
 Build a relationship with your existing SAP contacts in order to get new project leads, ask your contacts to get introduced to decision makers at client-end companies or SAP consulting companies etc.
 Cooperate with SAP consulting companies
 Contact end-client companies you have worked before to find out if there will be any cooperation opportunity
 Build and maintain a solid reputation on the market (end-clients, other SAP professionals, HR people, recruiters etc.)
 Enlarge your network of SAP industry contacts in order to get new project leads, get introduced, recommended etc. (LinkedIn, Google+ groups etc.)
 If you work in some niche SAP area get in touch with other people having such a specialization
 Build your online presence on LinkedIn, Xing, Google+ etc. and keep it updated including your availability for next projects
 Monitor job boards for new contracts
 Get recommendation/reference letters from clients once you complete working on the project and include the letters to you application for a new project


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