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WHY LinkedIN:

LinkedIn is a strong networking tool that enables to find suitable job candidates, industry experts and potential business partners. If you’re into statistics and figures, you should know that the average number of LinkedIn connections for people who work at Google is 47. And the importance of LinkedIn can be gauged from the fact that all 500 of the fortune 500 List of companies are represented on LinkedIn, with 499 of them being represented by director-level or above employees. Needless to say, it is definitely worth the trouble to create a presence on this network of over 8.5 million users

I would request all of you to join the following groups in IIBS LinkedIn if you are a member or else become a member and Join the groups:
• SAP Canada:
• SAP Toronto:

Top 5 reasons you should be Joining IIBS LinkedIn Network

IIBS LinkedIn can help you become better networked
• It can bring you more job opportunities:

IIBS’s sister Concern 2i Solutions is into Job Recruitments and Placements.

Being a recruitment Agency and we are constantly posting Job Openings in the field of SAP, PMP, Business Analyst and Software Testing on Daily Basis in our LinkedIn groups

• It can help you keep in touch with industry leaders:

IIBS has the strongest LinkedIn Network group which is one of the largest and consists of more than 3000members across Canada and USA who are CEO’s/CFO/Senior Consultants/Project Managers/Recruiters of fortune 500 Co.
So joining the group you will not only be a part of IIBS and at the same time you will be connected with all the Industry Leaders across USA and Canada.

• Get recommended by other professionals:

When you are connected with IIBS Network in LinkedIn, the Industry professionals know you as a part of the group. So if you have required skills and Experience you can be recommended for the desired jobs through the network.
You can easily get recommended by other professionals that you have studied with you at IIBS. These recommendations add a lot of power to your ability to get hired or your caliber of professionalism within your industry. The more people that recommend you the better your profile will look to others in your industry and connections list.

•Get shortlisted or hired by Industry leaders

The most powerful concept behind LinkedIn is that it finds the right people AND the connections you have with them. It makes the networks of the people we know visible 2isolutions are placing almost 8-10 professionals every month and out of which at least 3-4 candidates are connected through IIBS LinkedIn Network.

• LinkedIn is your online resume

We believe that LinkedIn has evolved as one of the most important and lively tool which professionals use to search for online profiles

If anyone Google your name, then it’s your LinkedIn profile which appears first in the search results. Moreover, LinkedIn is not ‘just-another’ social networking site, so it’s usually regarded that whatever you write here, must be sincere information about you.

So we would highly recommend you to Join IIBS LinkedIn Network as soon as you register for the course.
Apart from that the Director of IIBS has the maximum number of Industry Leader under his network in LinkedIn. So when you are adding him in your network you are automatically getting connected to all the Leaders.

Director’s LinkedIn profile Network is:



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