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SAP’s Latest HANA Features New Hybrid Cloud Approach

May 26th, 2016

The latest release of the SAP HANA platform announced at the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, Fla., promises to bring enterprise customers some major new cloud capabilities. The SPS 12 update features a hybrid cloud approach to popular database management systems that SAP said will bring cloud capabilities to on-premises deployments.

The true hybrid model lets organizations test the impact of IT system change requirements in the cloud before they commit the upgrades to an on-premise environment — ultimately promoting cost-effective IT management.

Hybrid Cloud Model

The hybrid model offers lower total cost of ownership by requiring less hardware infrastructure and rapid integration across cloud and on-premise deployments, according to SAP. The release is also being accompanied by an invitation-only beta test that will give select customers early access to some new hybrid data management services provided through the cloud. The ‚Äúcapture and replay” service will enable IT departments to treat the cloud as extensions of their on-premise environments.

The service helps IT departments capture live workloads and replay them on target systems. That in turn allows them to evaluate new features, assess upgrade options, and measure their impacts before making changes to their live production systems. As a result, administrators can explore technology innovation with less downtime and cost.

Targeting the SME Market

The latest version will also feature expanded maintenance options to give IT organizations a choice between consistent maintenance of their SAP HANA software environments for up to three years, or adopting the latest SAP HANA platform innovations twice a year.

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