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An Introduction to SuccessFactors Solutions

May 29th, 2015

Here is a chance to learn SAP Successfactors, on your own pace and without any cost to you. If you are a SAP HR professional or planning to become one, you must attend this course.

Here is more information about the same:

An Introduction to SuccessFactors Solutions

Welcome to Week 1

Dear course participants,

Welcome to the first week of An Introduction to SuccessFactors Solutions. We are delighted to welcome you to the course and look forward to interacting with you through the discussion forums throughout the next five weeks.

Introduction to Week 1

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Weekly Assignments and Record of Achievement:

  • The weekly material will be available at openSAP every Thursday, from 09:00 UTC. You will receive an e-mail from openSAP and you can also follow the announcements on Twitter (@openSAP).
  • You can listen to the lectures and take the weekly assignment at any time during the week, but be sure to submit your weekly assignment by Thursday, 21:00 UTC of the following week.

    • Week one, the course material and weekly assignment will be released on Thursday, May 28 (09:00 UTC)
    • The deadline for the weekly assignment is Thursday, June 4 (21:00 UTC). Please check your time zone carefully.
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  • Once started, the weekly assignment will run for 60 minutes. It cannot be interrupted (not even by closing the browser window) and allows you to earn 30 points in week 1. These points are important if you want to earn a record of achievement for this course.

Questions & Support:

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  • For technical and administrative questions please contact the openSAP Helpdesk.
  • Use the discussion forum to raise questions and discuss the course content with your fellow students.

Content Week 1:

This is the content you can look forward to in week 1:

  • Unit 1: Defining Human Capital Management
  • Unit 2: Integrating HR Processes
  • Unit 3a: HR in a World of Accelerating Change
  • Unit 3b: HR in a World of Chronic Skills Shortage
  • Unit 4: Linking HR to Specific Business Needs
  • Unit 5: The Impact of Technology on HR Methods
  • Unit 6: Deploying Technology-Enabled HR Methods

We look forward to the coming weeks and wish you a pleasant, exciting, and successful learning experience at openSAP.

With kind regards,
The openSAP Team

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May 14th, 2015

Saphire NOW 2015 was all around S4HANA and BI Tools. SAP has launched S4HANA big way. At this time Simple Finance is already available and Simple Logistics is coming by the end of third quarter of this year. At the end of this year, we will have a totally brand new SAP system, which has been completely re-written for HANA.
We shall congratulate SAP to think of re-writing the complete software that has many millions lines of codes embedded inside it. SAP runs more than 70% of world GDP and it is a big responsibility to keep it moving.

S4HANA (S is for simple and 4 for Fourth Generation) has following salient features:
• Optimized for SAP HANA
• At present it will support only one data base (HANA). It is not database agnostic as it use to be the case in last 40 years of SAP History
• Front end is completely in SAP Fiori UI5 Interface
• SAP GUI is no longer needed
• S4HANA is available in two flavors: On premises or on the cloud
• ABAP will stay and there is no change there
• The database tables are optimized for processing and reporting. In fact the number of tables have been reduced by more than 70%.
• Operational Reporting will be directly done inside the S4HANA as it has built in Analytics engine
• It is not going to replace BW as BW on HANA will stay as a tool of choice for those business scenarios, where long history, multiple sources and archiving etc is needed
• Upgrade to S4HANA will have 3 steps: Upgrade to latest support pack, upgrade to ECC on HANA and then use add on and migrate to S4HANA
• Here is more information:

Shall a BW consultant worry about his or her future?

There is no worry immediately for a SAP BW consultant but he needs to add a number of new skills. HANA and BO front end tools are must. Lumira is the tool of choice for data visualization. Now Lumira Server is launched with and without HANA. A BI consultant must know Lumira. Additionally BO Analysis, Dashboarding, Webi and Crystal Reports will be needed.

I see a very good demand of SAP BI Skill as the tools have much more capabilities and analytics in it. With IoTs (Internet of Things) around the corner, so much data is flowing to the data engines and more and more BI Analytics will be needed to make any sense of this enormous amount of data .

Though Sapphire theme was ‘SIMPLE’ but following were the main buzz words:
IoTs, S4HANA, Simple Finance, Fiori, UI5, Lumira, Analysis, Dashboarding, BW on HANA (BW7.4), Composite Providers

Do you Know PMP Exam is Changing in 2015

May 8th, 2015


The PMP Exam is changing in 2015 and November 01, 2015 is the last day of appearing for the PMP exam in the current version

What is changing?
• No change to the 5 domains of practice.
• Addition of 8 new tasks

Here’s an overview of the newly added content:

Domain 1 Initiating the Project- 3 tasks added – task 2, task 7, task 8
Domain 2 Planning the Project-1 task added – task 13
Domain 3 Executing the Project-2 tasks added – task 6, task 7
Domain 4 Monitoring and controlling the project-2 tasks added – task 6, task 7
Domain 5 Closing the project-No new tasks added

So get yourself certified by 1st November 2015 if you are planning to give the PMP exam