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October 29th, 2014

Some IBM data analysts believe the volume of data will double within the next 10 years. The problem with SAP in the 1990’s was the lack of English help files/documentation. The problem now in 2010, is there is too much information and a lot of it is redundant. This is evident in the number of SAP blog sites/forums run by individuals, which used to be approximately 90 in 2004 and it appears as if these days a new site is being launched every day. This is not a bad thing IF content is original and in a niche component of SAP. However if content is reproduced, it does not appear to benefit anyone.

So where does one go for SAP help. My thoughts are, initially to check the SAP help files, followed by OSS (online service system.), followed by SDN (SAP developer network) (used with a lot of caution, placing emphasis on trust on contributors who have earned their merits), followed by Google. Again when it comes to Google, one needs to be careful of whose advice one is following.

There is a saying “Books, like friends, should be few, and well chosen.” – There should be a new digital age version, “Websites, like friends, should be few, and well chosen.”

I originally started my SAP help site as a simple static page, followed by a forum and then realized that forums are only as great as the experience and size of the user group, meaning that SDN should be the front runner, followed by SAP fans etc, that is if you have a sub community within SAP Fans etc.

I then realized that all SAP consultants and users like tips and tricks which make their life easier, resulting in my site being adapted to focus specifically on Advanced SAP Tips and Tricks. Things like did you know that to get the data browser, you can use transaction ‘SE16’ or the new version of the data browser with ‘SE16n’ or even better the transaction ‘n’ to launch the new version of the data browser.

I have a 80/20 parity rule on my site where 80% of the information is free for everyone to use. With 20% being restricted to Premium members who have paid for a 3 month subscription to advanced tips. The site is updated approximately 3 times per week.

I will be posting approximately 3 technical blog posts focusing on Advanced Tips and Tricks on Red Commerce’s site per month and welcome you to get involved.