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How SAP CRM can be enhanced

January 23rd, 2014

As you are aware, in order to accomplish certain business requirements, SAP CRM can be enhanced using some of the features provided in the system. There are several ways to enhance the SAP CRM system. Some of them are discussed below.

Transaction Launcher

You can add external applications to the CRM Web Client User Interface using the
transaction launcher and SAP ITS (Internet Transaction Server). These could be for

– Web sites of your choice
– Transactions in an ERP system
– Administration transactions in the CRM system

BSP Components Workbench

This is at a technical level and typical changes carried out are e.g. Adding a completely
new View.
It assists with the Component Enhancements.

– UI Configuration Tool

Allows to make changes such as:

Adding or removing fields
Changing field labels
Adding Headers
Making fields mandatory
Displaying assignment blocks (direct, lazy)

Customer specific changes to the UI must be performed using a Role Configuration Key

– Easy Enhancement Workbench

Easy Enhancement Workbench (EEWB) is a development tool that does not require
technical knowledge to be used.

It automatically creates transportable ABAP objects, updates events and implements